brand messaging

We help companies in Central NY communicate clearly to attract and land more clients.

Our Services

We identify vague or unclear language that causes hesitation in your prospects.

We develop new messaging that makes your value super clear.

We apply these ideas to your website, so prospects are well informed.


Joey Levy


“It was difficult for me to articulate how I add value to my customer’s lives. 3 months after working with them, I’ve 8X’d my investment”

Peter Gallo


“I had been running my business for 12 years when I hit a plateau. Now, for the first time in 3 years, sales are increasing. I only wish I had found them sooner.”

Elisa Cottrell


We needed to simplify our messaging so people visiting our website didn’t get overwhelmed. They made our message so easy for people to relate to and understand.”

about us

Confused prospects don’t become paying clients.

When you’re so close to your own organization, finding the right way to talk to prospects can be a struggle. We specialize in turning complex ideas into clear, memorable messages, making sure your hard work shines through in just a few words. Being rooted in Syracuse, we help community-focused organizations like yours get the recognition they deserve. Damian’s expertise in brand and web strategy will help you say the right things to the right people.

Damian Vallelonga, Lead Strategist

Case Studies

Fully rebranding a HealthTech company to compete on the world stage.

Helping launch a food advocacy non-profit to make a big impact locally.

Refining a successful brand to better educate clients.

Simplifying messaging for a well-established firm to better attract new clients.

TalkCNY Podcast

Damian talks about why messaging is critical to business success.