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The Problem: An outdated and bloated website was holding this growing firm back from reaching its goals.

Our Solution: After conducting a thorough website audit to uncover all the various types of content included, we started paring down and consolidating pages in an effort to streamline the user experience and eliminate the possibility of people feeling overwhelmed by all the content. With an updated sitemap in hand, we focused on telling the story of the people being helped by the lawyers at Edwards Group. The simplified language allows people to quickly understand the immense value that the firm provides, and educates them in areas of law that people find very helpful. Clients are often dealing with difficult family issues, and need to understand that Edwards Group not only has the experience to help them, but the understanding that these are sensitive topics that deserve thoughtful guidance and service. 

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Estate Planning & Elder Law

“He took our messaging and just made it so easy for people to relate to and understand.”

Elisa Cottrell

Consultant, Edwards Group

“We needed an updated website, but we also needed to simplify the messaging on the homepage, so people visiting the site didn’t get overwhelmed. Damian was super organized. This was a beast of a project, but he clearly knew what needed to be done and the steps it would take to get us there. He’s easy to work with and expresses complex ideas in simple ways. In addition, he’s a great visual designer and a good listener. He took our messaging and just made it so easy for people to relate to and understand. We are thrilled with the look and the feel of the new, updated site!”

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