Damian Vallelonga


What are “innovative solutions”, and why does everyone seem to have them?


You’ve undoubtedly seen or heard the phrase ‘innovative solutions’ many many times. But where? Can you remember? I’ll bet you can’t.

Why can’t you remember? Because this concept is generic. The message is overused. If everyone has innovative solutions, then does anyone actually have innovative solutions?

Sadly, this type of message fails on many levels:

  1. First, the focus is entirely on the company itself. It doesn’t incorporate anything about the person it’s trying to connect with. It only attempts to speak to a service being offered, not even a benefit someone could enjoy by using the service.  
  2. Second, it employs extremely vague language. What do you think ‘innovative’ means? Is it the same as the person next to you? And what exactly are solutions? A solution can’t exist without a problem, which leads me to:
  3. Third, it doesn’t speak to a problem. How can someone appreciate a solution when they don’t know what problem it’s attempting to solve? 

Too many companies use language that is vague, confusing, and missing the mark entirely when trying to communicate to their audience. They haven’t taken the time to study their customer, to get the outsider perspective on their business. They’re so close to their products or services, they’ve lost touch with the people that matter most in the equation of business- the customer. 

Know your customer, know how you help them, know your marketing will finally work.