Damian Vallelonga


What do you mean I shouldn’t talk about my business?


I mean you should do more than just talk about your business. 

All too often a company’s marketing language only focuses on their products/services, their experience, accolades, or history. This isn’t enough to attract people to you. What you offer is obviously important, as it’s how you will eventually help someone solve a problem, but it’s just one part of the big picture of marketing.

Your customer is looking for someone to help with a problem, a problem that your product or service has been created to solve. We can never lose sight of this, as this is the most important opportunity you have to communicate why you should be doing business together. Once you stop talking about the customer’s problem, and start talking about how great your company is, you risk losing their attention, and their business.

Companies that strike the balance in marketing between their story and their customers story will succeed. Companies that stubbornly dig into telling their story while ignoring the problems, goals, and aspirations of their customers, will risk missing opportunities to connect with customers, and risk frustration and confusion as they try to grow.

Don’t be that company.

Instead, dig into the storyline of your customers, and involve them in the communications you send out to the world. They’re listening.