Damian Vallelonga


When marketing lets you down


So something new is happening at your company (or you have a new company- congrats!), and you need to get the word out. You embark on a marketing or PR campaign to tell the world your news. 

And… crickets.

Wait, what?! We spent so much time on the graphics, the social media strategy, and the landing page, so why no response from the world??

When this happens (and oh does it happen!), we can often look to the messaging of the campaign itself. Was it speaking to the right people? Was it speaking to a problem you can solve? Was it illustrating how you can make someone’s life better?

If the answer is ‘no’ to these questions, then you might have overlooked the most important part of communications- involving the storyline of your customer in your marketing. This is the foundation that all marketing can be built on, the factual information about your customers lives that allows us to actually compel someone to pay attention. 

We can do a better job of clarifying how you help someone with a problem, using real information about your customers lives, and real, tangible, benefits that your product/service can bring them. When people see themselves represented in your marketing, they start to form a bond with you, they start to trust that you understand them and their problems. 

When you start building trust with your customers, you start building a strong foundation for your business.